Rodrigo Montenegro holds post-graduation diplomas in both Neuropsychology (PgC) and Neuromodulation stimulation (PgC) and has recently studied towards a MSc in Neuroscience under the supervision of Dr Peter Fenwick, a leading expert in the field of Near-Death Experience (NDE). He is currently pursuing a specialization in Sleep Medicine at the University of Oxford, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences. Montenegro is the author of “Out-of-the-Body Experiences − An Experiential Anthology” and is currently authoring articles in Sleep and circadian rhythm disruptions and neurodegenerative REM sleep behavior disorder synucleinopathy. He has lectured internationally on the topic of consciousness research in-based in neuroscience at the Mind Body and Soul, the Scottish Society of Psychical Research (SSPR), the III Congrès des Thérapies Quantiques, and the Institut de Recherche sur les Expériences Extraordinaires (INREES), among others, since 2005, besides being featured in radio interviews and acclaimed documentaries. He is currently carrying research on the neurophysiological correlates of out-of-body experiences (OBEs). Montenegro is presently the CEO of Gamma Wave Technologies Ltd., a neuroscience-based start-up dedicated to the research of non-ordinary states. Gamma Wave Technologies Ltd. endeavors to apply neuroscience insight to develop transformative technologies in the support real-life needs based on peer-reviewed research and is currently developing a high-quality EEG headband for cognitive enhancement, which among other features will provide neurofeedback data to assess and benchmark the vibrational state of its users, based on current research.